Paramotoring Activity In Diu is a must to do Activity for individuals looking for mind thrilling activity in Diu.This simplest of all motorized aircraft consists of a undersized motor driving a propeller, worn like a rucksack under a paraglider  arm and providing force to take off, climb and maintain flight level.

Once in the air, the paramotor can be used to motor along and watch the world go under you or if situation allows, fly in thermal lift to compose lengthy cross-country flight.

The motor can be clogged and started again in the air, with many having electric starters, enabling the pilot to acclimatize his or her flight to the existing conditions.

Many paramotor pilots and paraglider pilots are looking for more elasticity in their flying; many others are new to flying but become fascinated in paramotoring, and then in pure paragliding flight too.

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