A visit to Jalandhar Beach in Diu will give you a greater insight into the various cultures and traditions of Diu.If you’re searching for a serene and uncrowded place to visit in Diu, Jallandhar beach would be the best option. It is a rocky beach on the southern shore near Diu town. Named after the demon Jallandhar, it features a small memorial at the hilltop along with a stone face structure of a demon. The beach also houses a temple dedicated to Goddess Chandrika. Jallandhar Beach proves the notion of beaches always being crowded false. This beach is a boon for an unspoilt area with tranquility since this beach is not often visited by the tourists A trip to Jalandhar Beach In Diu can also be shared with other tourist attraction across the city. With its delicious cuisines, and prospect to explore the surrounding locale Diu is flawlessly poised to offer an understanding that is both, authentic as well as inimitable! There are many ideal places to visit in and around this wonderful city, with well-known local sight and favorable restaurants


 Jallandhar Beach  Jallandhar Beach  Beach In Diu  Beach In Diu

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