Diu has plenty of Branching Palm trees called “Hokka” which are found nowhere else in the country. Diu, the only place in India to have luxuriant growth of these trees. From your drive to Diu starting from Saurashtra, you will get to see a specific type of tree their branches come out towards various directions from the trunk. Structurally it seams as if many coconut trees are attached into common trunk. These trees are indeed matchless and located only in this region in India.


This tree is also known as ‘doum palm’ or the ‘gingerbread tree’. Hokka trees as well as seeds are used for a various purposes. It is believed that egyptians used thin dried brown skin for making molasses, cakes and sweetmeats. Sprouts of the developed seeds are also consumed as vegetables. This fruit is also sold in Egypt by street vendors which is popular among kids, biting its sweet yet tangy hard chewy skin beneath the hard outside. It is also said hat it is good for heart.



 Diu Hokka Trees  Diu Hokka Trees  Hokka Trees  Hokka Trees

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