Gangeshwar temple in Diu is filled with divinity, as it is one of those places which is infused with a mystical aura around it. Even if you have come to the beaches, sea and sand on your mind do make some time for a visit to this temple. The temple of Lord Shiva. There are five Shiva Lingams located within rocks on the seashore, at the time of high tide, you will only see the tip of these rocks, as the sea water tends to submerge them. These stones are believed to have been placed here by the Pandavas during their time period of exile. The Gangeshwar Temple is about 3 kilometers from Diu city near the Fudam village. The Gangeshwar Temple is must visit place when you Do The Diu as visiting this temple will untangle amazing beauty of nature and interesting stories of history. One understands the beauty and significance of the beautiful creation and it thereby becomes a memorable experience. Standing near the Gangeshwar Temple you can hear the thriving sound of sea and the birds. It is laid in a serene atmosphere and one experiences a peaceful ambience with the sea breeze kissing one’s face while enjoying the beauty of nature as well as unraveling the history from the past.


 Temple In Diu  Temple In Diu  Gangeshwar Temple  Gangeshwar Temple

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