Where Diu’s tryst with the Portuguese is famous, Fortim Do Mar In DIu is another example of the Portuguese history in Diu. Panikotha Fort is a huge structure that is made in shape of a ship on 56,736 square metre area, offshore on the Arabian sea. Fortim do Mar was essentially built by the rulers of Gujarat and Portuguese to defend Diu from Mughal invasion. It also has a small lighthouse and a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea known as Chapel of Our Lady Rosary. Ancient cells and cellars where the prisoners were imprisoned were also built in the fortress. An underground tunnel once connected the fort to the land, but it is in ruins now. This ancient stone fort is now a major tourist destination it also provides an amazing view of the Sea.


 Fortress of Panikota  Fortress of Panikota  Fortim-Do-Mar

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