Diu Museum is Famously known for the artifacts it displays, the Diu Museum is perhaps the best way to know the history and culture of Diu. You’ll inhale all about the rich culture and heritage of Diu as you will stroll down the corridors of this museum. Diu Museum was earlier a beautiful white church called Saint Thomas’ Church but it has now been converted to a museum. This old church, which was built in 1598, was converted into a museum due to the lack of space in the town. It houses many historically important statues, engraving on the stone by ancient rulers, magnificent wooden carvings, idols, shadow clocks as well as various other historic artifacts, all of which give us a peek into Diu’s history and its past from the colonial rule of Portuguese. All of the artifacts are definitely going to enkindle you to explore more. An alluring stroll to the collection of the statues of the Catholic saints is definitely going to be a fascination to your eyes. Also showcased are some parts of the Jaina temple which will give you a revelation about the Jaina architecture. In evening, multi color filled lighting of fountains and special lighting of the imposing building gains attention of the tourists.



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