The story of diu begins with maurya rule around the time of 322-220 BC when Emperor Chandragupta Maurya extended this power in Saurashtra and he appointed Pushagupta in Saurashtra as Governor made the Head Quarter in Girnar Village in Junagadh. Yavanraj Tushappa was Governor of Saurashtra under Emperor Ashoka’s rule in 273-237 BC. Yavana Thero named Dhammarakhito as preacher to western sea board including diu had been sent by Ashoka. His grand son Samprati during 273 to 237 BC was the ruler of the region from Saurashtra to Ujjain. He worked on propagating Jainism and had worked on building various temples, this was the period when Diu came in influence of Jain traditions. It seemed that Saurashtra was ruled by Indo-Greek rulers Eukratides in 171-150 BC, Meanandar in 115 to 90 BC and Appollodotes II First Century till 50 AD there after traces have been found that Kshaharatas who had established their rule in western India which included Saurashtra there after for around next next thousand years, Diu was a part of the kingdoms which ruled over India’s western region which also included Gujarat. It seems the last king who ruled Somnath & Patan had ruled on Diu was from Vaja Dynasty around the period of first decade in 15th Century later on Muslim sultans of Gujarat were ruling Diu for 150 years. The Portuguese in 1535 invaded Diu by Governor De Cunha who led the expedition for capturing Diu but was defeated by Sultan. Around the same period of time Sultan Bahadur shah was submerged by Mughals attack. On October 25, 1535 Bahadur Shah & Nuno De Cunha entered in treaty, 1535 who agreed to assist Bahadur Shah against Mughal king Humayun by land and sea, as on one side he had King Humayun and other side Portuguese at the gates of Diu. In return received permission to construct fortress at Diu, which also included that the site was granted for the purpose of harbor. Shah later realized that it was a great mistake to allow Portuguese to construct for and finally Diu was conquered by Portuguese in 1546 and they continued to rule till 1961. Diu got liberated there after and on 19th December 1961 it backe a part of the UT of Goa, Daman & Diu under India. After it in on May, 30th of 1987, Daman and Diu were made a U.T.


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