Diu were under rule of Portuguese, Mughals, Maurya, emperor Ashoka but it leaves down a influence of Portuguese, Diu is definitely under the great influence of Kathiawad the influence stays from language, dress, patterns, food habits and various other culture elements. Diu includes people from various communities from Kharwa, Koli Patel, Koli, Bhraman, Bania, Vanja, Salat, Sanghadia, Sager, Baria, Kamli, Mitna, Mangela, Bhandari, Macchi, Kumbhar, Mahyavanshi, Dhobia, Dubla, Siddi, Momin and Khoja. It is said that Kharwa, Koli, Koli Patel, Vanja, Mangela, Bhandari, Sager and Salat claim them as original people living in Diu, while others are perceived as migrants from Saurashtra as well as other parts of Gujarat.


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