Chakratirth is believed to be the place where the demon Jalandhar was killed by Shri Krishna killed with his Sudarshan Chakra. In honour of the event, the footprints of Shri Krishna are carved in stone on the hill, located near by the beach. This place is amazing as you can walk on the hillock, passing through the water, during low tide. Located in the South West region of Diu, it is one of the most preferred and sought after beaches as it has less crowd and you can enjoy the beach in the serenity of vast open space rowed with gently swaying palm trees will mesmerize you with its soothing noises as you take a leisurely stroll on the beach as fine grains of the sand will give you an enticing foot massage making you relax almost immediately. If you are have gone to Do The Diu you must spend time at chakratirth beach for sure.


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