Diu is an amazing blends of sea, sand and sun, Diu is a natures paradise the land of Diu is filled with blessed land where you can forget the world in the peace & silence where you can forget the world can, be lightened and the waking soul can hear the soothing nature. Diu is fills you with peace with breeze, beauty and serenity located just close to Gujarat & covered by Arabian Sea on coastline, is a picture of calmness with superb beaches. Isle of Calm welcomes you to explore Portuguese history, Legend of INS Khukhri, Amazing Naida caves, Church from the Portuguese time Temples, Amazing Architecture, Peaceful environment to distress your soul & much more come and DoTheDiu. Diu is just like anther part of Gujarat as Gujarati culture influences to the large extent, yet there are distinct in various manner. Diu is located little off the coast of Veraval (Somnath), Gujarat with a coastal length of 21 kms. Diu is covered by Gir Forest, Somnath as well as Amreli and by the Arabian Sea from three sides, though it is connected with bridges. Diu’s is spread with length 4.6 kms from north and south & 13.8 Kms east to west it has altitude is just 6 meters above sea level. Diu’s topography is plain in nature with hills attain maximum of 25-30 meters. Diu enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year but you just need to take care of hard sun for 2-3 hours. Diu’s temperature ranges between 15 ° C to 38 ° C.





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